River Tubing

River tubing is the ultimate summer activity. There’s something so inherently fun about navigating a winding river under a blazing hot sun. It’s also one of the most pleasant (and scenic) ways of experiencing nature. Let the waterways of the Kettle River steer you through the unexplored and otherwise inaccessible riverbanks and forests. River floats can be exciting, exhilarating or entirely serene. From one hour to the whole day, stop at one of the sandy beaches, cool off in one of the many swimming holes or just lay back and enjoy the unique view of the world. 

Before you head out...

River tubing is not without risk, and simply put all water sports pose a risk of drowning. Always wear a life jacket and only strong swimmers should attempt this activity. Further, rocks, logs and other underwater obstacles pose hazards.

  • Be honest about your swimming ability and comfort lev
  • Never consume alcohol while tubing or swimming.
  • Wear sandals or water shoes that will not fall off.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat, and bring water to stay hydrated.
  • Go with someone familiar with the river or has floated it before. Never go alone.
  • Leave towels, dry clothing and your phone in the vehicle parked at the exit point.
  • Short paddles (or half of a kayak paddle) are handy for navigating faster flowing rivers.
  • Pack out whatever you bring in. Don't litter and don't bring any glass or styrofoam containers.


From the town of Grand Forks, you can float from the Old Carson Bridge Site to City Park, and that will take up to three hours. You can travel from the Spraggett Bridge to City Park, and that will take about two hours. You can also float from City Park to Nursery Bridge, and that will only take about an hour. Or you can float from the Nursery Bridge to Atwood, and experience some beautiful beaches along the way. This route will take about three hours. If you put in at the Cascade Cove beach, floating around the corner and under the KVR Trestle (Trans Canada Trail), you must get out and walk the trail back or arrange to be picked up at the Par3 RV Park before the trestle. Continuing down the river will float you into the United States. 

These times are approximate and estimated based on the beginning of the floating season in July. As you get towards the end of August, the rides can become longer and there could be areas where you have to get off and walk. Check out the google map below for specific in and out locations.